China is a unique world in itself, a country of myriad faces, a destination where traditions greets modernity, a place with smiling and hardworking people, and of course with the innumerable appealing sights and scenes. China is all this and beyond. China is breath-taking antiquity, astonishing scenic beauty, lip-smacking cuisine, and diverse topography. It’s a great place to be in, to explore and to indulge. If you still haven’t experienced China and are aloof from all these hidden treasures that the country presents, this is your chance to explore them all. Plan a trip to China this holiday season and see this colorful land. Walk the Great Wall, visit the Forbidden City, meet the Terracotta Army in Xi’an and be amidst Shanghai’s skyscrapers. The wonderful world of China awaits you. So pack your stuff and get going.



  • Red sea beach in China

    Panjin in China is a region which is popular for its seep-weed, which turns red in color as they mature in autumn. These seep-weed called as red genus plant Suaeda are grown in one of the biggest wetlands and looks like a red sea beach. This huge area attracts flocks of migratory birds as well as tourists to experience the sight. Tourists can walk over a jetty being built to explore the marshland and look at the red seep-weeds for miles.


  • See Martial art performances

    Ever thought of reliving any of the Jackie Chan or bruce lee movies . If yes , then you have a chance to do so in China for sure!! There are several types of martial arts popular in China. Martial art performances such as Chinese Kung Fu, popularly known as Wushu or Gongfu performed in a series of fighting styles are very popular among tourists. In fact, there are several tours available which include Chinese Kung Fu shows in Beijing or in Luoyang (Shaolin Temple). Some Chinese martial art styles like Shaolin, Tai Chi and Qigong are followed across the world and are very renowned.


  • Huanglong Scenic Reserve

    The Songpan county area has China’s picturesque Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area. A valley covered with colourful lakes and snow clad mountains along with lush green forests. This 7 km valley presents calcified ponds, caves, waterfalls, streams and much more. The valley is rich in vast yellow travertine land forms which looks like a yellow dragon, which is how it gained its name - Huanglong (Yellow Dragon). There are numerous sights to see and explore here. A must visit for tourists.


  • Camp out on Great wall of China

    When it comes to the Great Wall of China, everyone seems to be in awe of this historic icon. Innumerable tourists flock every year from across the globe to see this epic monument. In fact, people want to know in detail about every aspect related to the Great Wall. And a great way of knowing this majestic structure is to camp out on the Great Wall of China for a night. This definitely is the best way to experience this ancient monument with only stars above you as the night falls by.


  • Play with Panda in Chengdu

    Have you ever thought of grabbing and holding a panda on your lap? Yes you can do that in Chengdu, China. Just a few km away from the Chengdu city lies the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center, which offers something like a natural habitat for the giant Pandas giving them the best possible surrounding for nurturing and breeding. The giant Pandas, a Chinese national treasure, is loved by everyone all over the world. Come to Chengdu to cuddle and play with a Panda.



Scenic Splendors of China

Give yourself a holiday for life. Spend four days in Beijing and cover the highlights before zipping by high-speed train across north China to Xian to explore the Terracotta Warriors, walk around the city’s formidable Ming dynasty walls and climb the granite peaks of Taoist Hua Shan. Take a overnight high-speed train to the beautiful city of Shanghai. Spend three days sightseeing, museum-going, shopping and dream up the sizzling skyscrapers of Pudong, detour for a day to the former southern Song dynasty capital of Hangzhou, before flying from Shànghǎi to Guilin for some of the China’s most serene and infinite panoramas, the breathtaking Limestone landscapes of Yangshuo, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for the best conclusion to your journey back home.

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The Unseen Northeast of China

Start you journey through the less-visited northeast for unseen scenic beauty, , raw dapper towns , modern and intriguing traces of imperial Chinese heritage. Arrive Beijing, aftre spending 2-3 nights take a train to the stylish Dalian. Spend several days for Dàlián’s sights, including the historic port of Lushun and an beautiful coastline. Experience the Border while we take you to Dandong,border with North Korea. Boat along the Yālù River, dine on North Korean food and visit Tiger Mountain Great Wall. Take a train to Lake Heaven in Changbai Shan (the largest nature reserve in China) via Tōnghuà. This volcanic lake is a stunning sight (only accessible mid-June to September). Alternatively, take the train to Shenyang and visit its Qing dynasty Imperial Palace and the tomb of Huang Taiji, founder of the Qing dynasty. Take a train to Harbin to a city of Russian and Jewish ancestry. Finally take non stop train to ‘North Pole Village’ to try to catch the aurora borealis in Mohe before you fly back to your home.

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Quick Break China

This week long quick vacation will surely reload your energy before you come back to work . Spend 3 nights each in Shanghai and Beijing .Cover the best of Both Cities , Cover all must do sightseeing, museum, shopping tours and snap a picture with skyscrapers of Pǔdōng . Take a high speed train to Beijing , give yourself three days to do the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and and the city’s hútòng (narrow alleyways) . Be charmed by both the cities diverse Living and Culture.

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