You know you are in Japan if you are amidst a herd of polite, punctual and kind people. You know you are in Japan if you are passing through quiet trails meandering through the bushes. You know you are in Japan if you are enjoying the iconic views of nature, such as the full bloomed cherry blossom trees. Japan is all this and much more. Come to Japan to soak in the relaxing hot springs or to experience the harmonious coexistence of contrasting civilizations. Japan is one such place that teaches us to treasure the ancient values and traditions amidst fast contemporary life. A luxury trip to this remarkable land is truly indispensable.



  • Visit Kyoto’s Ancient Sites

    Japanese are well known for their valued culture and traditions. The history of Japan has found great prominence in the world. It is interesting to see Japan’s ancient sites and scenes and to learn more about them. For such an enticing tour of Japan, plan a trip to Kyoto’s ancient sites and explore its historically significant landmarks.


  • Enjoy the sight of Mt Fuji

    November to May is the time during which one can enjoy the sight of the famous snow cap of the iconic Mount Fiji in Japan. Climbing the mountain is obviously an option to have a closer look. But if you want to enjoy the views from far, Fuji five lakes region towards the north of the mountain offers wonderful views.


  • Soak in a Natural Hot Spring

    Soaking in a natural hot spring in Japan is a popular tourist activity. Hot Springs not just relaxes and soothes but are also considered for their health benefits in more than one way. Soak in one such mineral rich hot springs in Japan with your partner and shun away all the stress in life for a while.


  • Kyoto’s Bamboo Forest

    Kyoto’s Arashiyama district is famous for its beautiful bamboo forests. A walking tour of Arashiyama to explore its Bamboo Groves and to enjoy the music created by the rustling sound of these bamboo trees is something you can’t miss. The Bamboo forests have gained much admiration and are featured among Japan’s many distinctive attractions.


  • Cherry Blossom

    Japan’s cherry blossoms have inspired many poets and writers to pen wonderful poetry and stories lauding the beauty of these pink blooms. A fascination of almost everyone alike, these beautiful cherry blossoms are perfect for a dream setting to take one to a fairy tale like world. If you are still aloof from its beauty, discover the genuine gorgeousness of these cherry blossoms this blooming season.


  • Dress up in Yukata

    While in Japan, dress up like the Japanese. A Yukata is a Japanese kimono that you would love to wear. Unlike the traditional Kimonos, Yukata is simple, casual and easy to carry. Not just women, Yukata’s are available for men too. Flaunt a Yukata on your Japanese sojourn for the next holiday.


  • Join a tea ceremony

    Doesn’t it sound exciting to be a part of the ‘Japanese Tea Ceremony’? We all have heard about the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. But have you ever thought of being a part of one such ceremony. Yes you can join a tea ceremony in Japan as part of your Japanese sojourn.


  • Experience the thrill of sumo wrestlers

    The sheer image of a sumo fight between two huge bodied sumo wrestlers seems like a spine chilling experience. Imagine the feeling of getting to see such a fight within twenty feet of your eyes. Visit a Sumo Beya as part of a cultural experience in Japan and watch sumo giants hone their skills while you hold your breath with excitement.



Essential Japan

In this 9-day tour of Japan, get time to see and experience the beauty of both modern as well as cultural aspects of Japan. Begin your time in Tokyo, known for its beautiful parks , modern buildings and ancient samurai tombs. Take a day out to visit Mt Fuji, one of the must do sights the country offers. Your nest stop will be Kyoto, where you experience Japan’s traditions through a geisha ceremony and dine on cuisine once served to the Imperial Court. Visit Nara for a day, Japan’s capital in the 8th-century. See Daibutsu, the largest bronze Buddha in Japan, Afterwards see some of the finest examples of Japanese art. Your last lively city Osaka awaits you for some finest nightlife and food . Visit Osaka Aquarium and the city’s shopping district before you end your journey.

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The Golden Route Japan: Cherry Blossom

The Golden Route of Japan lets you experience the culture, traditions, and architecture that are uniquely Japanese. In this Cherry blossom tour experience lush gardens and the beauty of Japan's flowering cherry trees. Your Tour begins in Osaka before travelling through mountains , to the coastal regions of Honshu, and then ending in Tokyo. Experience green tea ceremony, meet geisha (maiko), learn to make sushi, and dress up in kimono . Visit ancient capital of Nara to experience Todaiji Temple, home to the Great Buddha statue. Afterwords travel to the historic city of Kyoto, where you will visit the city's gardens, temples, shrines, and specialty shops all known for best places to spot cherry blossoms. Then, head to Shirakawa-go &Takayama, located amongst the Japanese Alps. Enjoy the natural scenery at Mt. Fuji and Hakone. Then, end your trip in Tokyo. ,Explore the city's most popular sites - AsakusaKannon Temple, Shibuya Crossing, sukiji Market, Tokyo Tower and Imperial Palace. Japan is best enjoyed during cherry Blossom when all the sights are blooming of Blossoms .

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Soul Sisters Getaway - Women only special Japan

This all women tour of Japan is uniquely designed for Ladies. In this 7 days all girls Tour begins in Kyoto and ends in Tokyo. Fly into Osaka's airport just outside of Kyoto, and spend your first couple of days exploring ancient Kyoto and nearby Nara. Then continue by bullet train to the cityof Tokyo and Spend some time exploring this fascinating city, also take a full day tour of the beautiful Hakone and scenic Mt. Fuji. In Tokyo Visit Disney Land where you can relive your childhood bond.

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