Malaysia is a cultural amalgamation of diverse ethnicity. A true Asian mix of different ethnic groups with different religion, culture and languages. Malaysia is all about spectacular city scapes, traditional island life , incredible tea plantations , bustling cities, stunning beaches, serene islands, vast rainforests and culinary impressions . All this and much more infer the true spirit of Malaysia. When it comes to popular places in Malaysia, Malacca city and George Town (Penang) features in the list. Both these places are known their unique and distinct colonial architecture. Kota Kinabalu, Penang Island, Langkawi island and Redang Island are among other popular places in Malaysia.



  • Snake Temple in Penang

    The Penang snake temple was built to honor Chor Soo Kong, a Buddhist monk and healer. As per folklore the monk gave shelter to snakes during his time. So after his death when the temple was built the snakes moved in to the temple on their own. That’s how the temple became home to several poisonous green tree snakes like Wagler pit vipers and many others.


  • See Wild Orangutans – Borneo

    One of the three extant species of apes – the wild Orangutans can be seen in the rainforests of Borneo. In fact, Borneo and Sumatra in Indonesia are the only two places where these giant Orangutans can be seen in the wild. Besides watching the wild Orangutans swinging through the jungle, one can also see saltwater crocodile and several other wild species of animals, birds and insects in the rainforest of Borneo.


  • Crystal Mosque

    Crystal Mosque - a spectacular mosque made of glass, crystal and steel in modern and sleek design attracts numerous tourists in Malaysia. The crystal Mosque is a part of the Islamic Heritage Park in Wan Man Island in the state of Terengganu. Here one can also see miniature replicas of most popular mosques and minarets from across Malaysia and around the globe.


  • Langkawi Island

    Langkawi Island is the ultimate Malaysian escape away from the chaotic cities. This is the place to explore stunning beaches, beautiful countryside and paddy fields and some weird and wonderful wildlife too. The best thing to do in Langkawi is to enjoy leisurely drives across the interesting landscapes of the island.


  • Cameron Highlands

    Malaysia’s most widespread hill station, Cameron Highlands is a refuge in serenity. With vast expanse of tea plantations unfurled across valleys and fresh air beaming with the scent of eucalyptus, this hill station is indeed instant restoration for tired souls. Amidst trekking, temple visits and lazing off, don’t forget to enjoy the refined tea culture in Cameron Highlands.



Magic Of Malaysia

On your 8 nights vacation to this magical land , get a chance to explore the best of all in Malaysia. Your trip will start from the island of Langkawi , spend enough time in the island to enjoy the beach and the duty free shopping all across the island, onward fly to Cameron island , a serene highland with exotic tea plantation . Spend 3 nights in this beautiful hill station and drive to Kuala Lumpur for your final stop before you bid adieu to this truly Asian country.

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Fareast at one Go

This 15 nights tour makes sure that you fall in love with the east. Start your travel from Thailand , spend time in Bangkok and Phuket , experience the magic of Thai city with the mesmerizing coast line . Further travel to Kuala Lumpur , known for its modern skylines. Visit Batu caves , Genting Highland and many such attractions and move to your final destination country Singapore , We guarantee that this tour will leave you spellbound by the end of your vacation . Spend enough time in all cities so that you can experience and live the culture of each destination

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Malaysia on a cruise

This Holiday will definitely leave you wanting more. Start your travel from Penang, spend 2 nights on the island and then take a cruise . Sail along the Malaysian waters and explore the nearby islands where the cruise will stop by. Afterwords fly to Kuala Lumpur for your final leg of the journey. Enjoy the best of city life with a day to genting highland.

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