The incredible canals, pioneering water management technique, treasured museums, vintage shops and cosy cafes – all these and much more combines the beauty of Amsterdam city. Creativity is seen everywhere - be it the exhibits displayed all across the city, design of the historic buildings, the appealing houses or the art galleries - Amsterdam is a city of creative masterpieces. Amsterdam has welcomed other cultures with arms open which reflects in its art and culture. The locals here like to cycle or use the canal route to commute for work, shop and for most other things. The abundant bike rental shops make it easy for tourists to use the bikes too. Overall, Amsterdam is a wonderful city. Amsterdam is better experienced rather than hearing stories about it.



  • Cycle around Amsterdam city

    Cycling around Amsterdam is one of the most popular way of getting to know the city. In fact, cycling is a rather essential Amsterdam experience that one can’t miss. Visitors can also take guided cycling tours to make this experience all the more interesting. It also allows visitors to see more places in one day. If not a guided tour there are numerous interesting cycling routes that one can follow.


  • Take a canal cruise – Amsterdam

    Like cycling, canal cruising is another very interesting activity to enjoy in Amsterdam. The city’s history is very closely connected with water. There are around 165 canals in Amsterdam created over centuries to boost the trade and transport system of the city. Take up a boat tour and see how it defines the landscape of Amsterdam.


  • Visit Tulip Garden–keukenhof

    Mid- March to mid- May is the time when the Keukenhof Tulip Garden in Amsterdam blooms with millions of tulips, daffodils, and orchids. The garden has over 800 variety of tulips which presents a spectacular sight. Besides, there are incredible flower shows, inspirational exhibitions on display which one must visit. This park also serves well for children.


  • Amsterdam Nightlife

    As nights falls, the streets and squares of Amsterdam gets busy. Areas like Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein, and old area Jordaan are all bustling with cafes, night clubs and theatres and are always full of visitors. Then there is the famous red light district of Amsterdam which also appeals to many tourist.


  • Visit the traditional Alkmaar Cheese Market

    The Dutch cheese has a rich history and tradition associated with it. The traditional Alkmaar Cheese market is the place to be in for enjoying a unique cheese experience. At 10 in the morning, the market starts with the ring of a bell. You can see cheese bearers in colourful cloths displaying the cheese, smiling at people, while samplers inspecting and sharing it with public. This traditional demonstration is worth experiencing.



All night long Amsterdam

A perfect escapes for party lovers. This weekend break is one of the best in Europe . Make the most from your Pub Hop Pass where you get access to most of the popular pubs of the town. Be it your Girl Gang or your bachelorette , this trip will leave you with the best memories of music , dance and fun. With all that lives at night , see the best of the city during the day , laze on the canal cruise and explore the city at its best . Also Visit Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum . This short stay in Amsterdam is an apt way to have a quick break from your busy schedule.

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Best of Belgium and netherlandss

Arrive in Amsterdam and get mesmerized by the beauty of a historical canal city. We give you the best experience of the city by Two-wheeling and canal cruising both as they are the best way to explore this canal city laced by its brick buildings, open skyline and rich history. Visit Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum . Get a chance to see Amsterdam Nightlife which is home to some of the Europe's hottest clubs. Take a day of to Hague from Amsterdam on your way back experience the grandeur of windmills . Next Stop will be in Brussels where the historical city blends perfect with the new , from countless castles and medieval belfries to innovative art museums and hip cafes . Visit Flanders region of Brussels on a day trip from Brussels .Belgium has got lots to charm you and make your week long holiday a perfect escape.

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London and Amsterdam

Start your Journey from London ,one of the most iconic city of England. Spend 5 Nights visiting some great sights like Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London eye and Madam Tussaud's. London has the magic to attract all age groups, From Heritage Royal Palaces to urban exploration, from Children fun to great Nightlife, From beautiful gardens to huge shopping alleys you get it all . Further travel to Amsterdam by train which takes less than 5 hours . Spend 3 Nights to explore this canal city laced by its brick buildings . Visit Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum . Get a chance to see Amsterdam Nightlife which is home to some of the Europe's hottest clubs. Take a day of to Hague from Amsterdam on your way back experience the grandeur of windmills .

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