Scandinavia is like a palate of many interesting appetisers served together. The country is rich in smart and modern cities with happening nightlife and celebrated restaurants. But it also holds intact its cosy cottage culture. The modern architecture, contemporary designs and décor and host of modern utilities makes Scandinavian life easy and smooth. At the same time, the wilderness of this country is also unbelievably vast and widespread. Scandinavia lets you experience unending Arctic summer days while its nights are dark polar. Hence Scandinavia caters to every taste and its menu can never be bland.



  • Experience Northern lights

    Imagine getting cosy with your partner on a cold, dark wintry night under the clear sky of Scandinavian Peninsula and enjoy the marvellous vistas of the Northern Lights. Yes you can make this dream come true now. All you need is to plan your next trip to Scandinavia. Rest assured - you will never regret your decision of this romantic once in a lifetime trip.


  • Husky, Reindeer, and Snowmobile Safaris

    For those who love the snow and want to enjoy the thrills of snow activities, Scandinavia is the place to be in. A trip to Lapland can be your gateway to having a whole new range of snow adventure amidst indigenous Scandinavian people. This destinations serves you with the best snow safaris with huskies, reindeers as well as snowmobiles. Imagine how thrilling it would be to ride a snow scooter on a frozen lake while enjoying the views of mesmerizing arctic landscapes.


  • Meet the Santa

    Haven’t we alldreamt of meeting Santa Claus as kids? How fascinating it seemed the way Santa comes and distribute gifts to children. If those memories still enthrals you, you can actually plan a trip to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, which is known as the official ‘North Pole’ residence of Santa in Lapland. Here you can also meetMrs. Claus, Rudolph and other reindeers.


  • Spend A Night In Igloo

    Nothing can beat the experience of spending a night inside a glass igloo under the clear starry sky while admiring the northern lights. If you have been planning a perfect romantic gateway with your partner, this can be your unique tripto cherish for life.


  • Discover Fjord

    Words won’t suffice if we go about describing the beauty of the spectacular Norwegian Fjords. The charm of these fjords have made them the World’s most popular Heritage Site. Taking up a fjord cruise and exploring the breath-taking fjord villages in the beautiful Scandinavian destination is like a dream come true.


  • The Midnight Sun

    Scandinavian midnight sun is such a natural phenomenon that anyone would love to experience.For adventurous and outdoor people, travelling across Northern Norway, the land of the midnight sun would mean unending activities and new discoveries. Since thesun never setshere during summer, you will enjoy never ending days.



Iceland Winter Highlights

Make the most of your winter break with this guided small group tour along the south coast of Iceland. Enjoy the knowledge of a local guide while visiting renowned natural attractions in the tranquillity of the off-peak travel season. You’ll experience black sand beaches, hot springs, ice-coated waterfalls, volcanic areas, a glacier lagoon and maybe even the northern lights if conditions are right!

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The Magnificent Fjords of Norway

This tour will take you to one of the most popular scenic attractions in the world, the Norwegian fjords. You will experience the stunning natural beauty, historical sites and vibrant cities, which will be a memory to cherish lifetime. You will travel through the Norwegian fjords, view the majestic mountains and beautiful valleys. Visit countryside amazing towns. Visit Norway beautiful places; including Aurlandsfjord, Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord, Seven Sisters, Trollstigen, The Eagle Road and many more.

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Lapland Magic & Ice Breaker

Exclusive travel package to Rovaniemi and Icebreaker Sampo, experience something different on your vacation in Lapland. Meet Santa Claus, cross the Arctic Circle, take a reindeer ride, stay in Glass Igloo & spend a magical night with the view of Northern Lights! This package offers you some of our highlights from Lapland!

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