Tanzania – a Swahili utopia


A country with the right amalgamation of nature in the form of epic mountain Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and Zanzibar – Tanzania is truly amazing. Along with the fascinating beauty of the beaches and the wildlife, Tanzania is also renowned for their welcoming and hospitable natives and their captivating culture. The Great Migration of the Serengeti, the Swahili Coast and its wonderful dive sites as well as trekking and camping highlands, Tanzania has everything that makes it an impressive country to attract tourists. The Zanzibar Island with the Zanzibar town as the prime attraction is definitely a living history of centuries old. Tanzania for sure is a utopian destination for a family vacation where you can enjoy range of activities and safaris.



  • Capture Kilimanjaro – Climb the Mount Capture

    Among the numerous thrills that Tanzania has to offer, climbing Kilimanjaro is the utmost one. Those of you who love challenges and are capable should try this once in a life time adventure to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro – the roof of Africa. Of course, you will be wowed by the beauty of the snow-capped peak but the journey through the lush rainforest, green heath, streams, and rocky alpine desert before reaching the snow peak will delight you all the more.


  • Take a Ferry to Zanzibar

    When it comes to exploring the best of Tanzania, you simply can’t miss a ferry ride to Zanzibar for an ultimate Indian Ocean experience. Zanzibar with its historical Stone Town and fascinating beaches is a fabulous destination for all sorts of water sports such as Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Kayaking and windsurfing. Besides, you can enjoy deep sea fishing and sailing on traditional local dhows. A must visit for sure.


  • Camp in Serengeti during Migration

    The annual Serengeti Migration cycle is an extraordinary escape wherein more than a million wildebeest and zebra migrate across Serengeti plains following the fresh grasses. This astonishing phenomena is something that tourists from all over the globe flock to experience in Tanzania. Camping in Serengeti during this migration cycle is a wonderful way to see this grand adventure up close.


  • Ngorongoro crater – the cradle of mankind

    The Ngorongoro and the beautiful highlands that surrounds it form an exceptionally beautiful region of Africa. To add to the charm, you also have the volcanic craters offering ideal stunning backdrop. This is undoubtedly the best place to see the Big Five and plenty of predators. Justifiably one of the top destinations for safari across Africa.


  • Observe Chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains

    Mahale Mountains serve you right if you are on a family vacation in Tanzania. The best place for up-close encounters and real observation of over 1700 Chimpanzees that your kids will love to experience. Nestled on the shoreline of Lake Tanganyikan, Mahale Mountains presents some absolutely stunning views of the mist covered peaks of Nkungwe Mountain in the backdrop.



Tanzanian Odyssey

Begin your 13 day journey in Arusha and continue to the rich landscape of Ngorongoro crater . It is one of the richest spots on the planet for viewing a spectacular range of wildlife . Diverse vegetation inside the crater includes swamps, grasslands, lakes, and forests. Also visit Serengeti where you enjoy game drives and a few more unorthodox activities , option to explore Serengeti on bike or horse back is also available . Before departing from Kilimanjaro Airport enjoy your camp stay and views of exhilarating Serengeti.

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Tanzania with Zanzibar

Enrich your Tanzanian Adventure with an extended trip to Zanzibar . Relax on the white sand beaches of Bwejuu Beach, long hailed as one of the best island beaches in the world, explore the UNESCO site for the living museum of stone town . Zanzibar is a wonderful way to top off your wild safari vacation of africa with the beauty of serene beach .

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Kenya and Tanzania Explorer

This 11 night vacation is an amazing combination of some of Kenya and Tanzania’s finest spots. Start your journey from Nairobi, Kenya afterwards fly to the Masai Mara National Park ,it is world-famous for being on the path of the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra, and for the culture of the Maasai people, who have been grazing their cattle amid the wildlife of the region for centuries. Continue your travel to Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania to see one of the richest spots on the planet for viewing a spectacular range of wildlife. Conclude your trip to Serengeti for game drives and a few more unorthodox activities to end your memorable journey.

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