A tourist friendly gateway, Thailand is a historic, exotic and comforting destination. On one hand, there are the scintillating temples to explore, while on the other hand Thailand presents the most amazing tropical beaches. The rural heartland of Thailand with its beautiful rice fields and lush green forests are tourist magnets. Then there is the famous Thai cuisine which is an essential aspect of Thai culture and serve as a popular charm to pull millions of tourists every year. Each destination of Thailand has its unique charm. Bangkok is a city of colourful madness and the best place to enjoy street life. Chiang Mai offers stunning landscapes and temples galore. For spa break and full moon parties one can head towards Ko Samui onward to Koh Phanghan. With all these fascinating destinations and bounty recreational offers, Thailand is definitely a must visit.



  • Temple Tours of Thailand – Wat Muang Monastery , wat Pha Sorn Kaew (Temple on the glass cliff), Erawan Shrine , Secret Buddha Garden of Koh Samui

    Thailand houses thousands of Buddhist temples or wats. Bangkok alone has over 26000 Buddhist temples. Wat Muang Monastery is home to the largest Buddha statue in Thailand. Wat Pha Sorn Kaew or the Temple on the glass cliff is the mountaintop temple with unusual and striking modern architecture. Erawan Shrine is a Hindu temple in Thailand earlier known as Thao Maha Phrom Shrine. Secret Buddha Garden of Koh Samui is a beautiful landscape atop hills. Along with remarkable views, this garden is famous for its unusual collection of many Buddha statues.


  • Umbrella Village of Bo Sang near Chiang Mai

    Just 8 km south east of Chiang Mai is the colourful world of umbrellas. The Bo Sang handicraft centre or the umbrella village is a lovely place to be in. You can buy small souvenir umbrellas to huge family umbrellas from this craft market. Here you can see how these lovely paper umbrellas, parasols and other craft items like hand fans and paper lamps.


  • Angthong National Marine Park – Koh Samui

    Located in a short distance from Koh Samui, Angthong National Marine Park is vast area covering over 100 square km of land and sea. Visit this marine park to explore vast species of sea creature and bizarre wildlife. Enjoy activities like kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, and diving. And most importantly, just lazing by the sea and relaxing is the best thing to do here.


  • Beach of Thailand – Karon , Koh Phangan , Ao Nang , Mai Khao , Phang Nga Bay, Cha-am , Koh Phi Phi , Ko Tao, Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew , Wat Samphran etc

    Thailand’s tropical beaches are world renowned. The pristine white sandy beaches of Thailand are perfect places for all types of parties or just for good relaxing . Enjoy numerous water sports and number of fun activities. Karon beach is a resort town of in Phuket. its a family friendly beach offering lots of activities for recreation . Koh Phangan Island, another popular beach destination known for its monthly full moon parties attracts backpacker crowds. on the other hand , Krabi’s resort town , Ao Nang is known for its long coast beachfront and dive sites. Mai Khao and Phang Nga Bay are other beautiful beaches of Phuket. Besides, Thailand has an unending list of interesting beaches. Some such beaches are located in Cha-am, Koh Phi Phi, and Ko Tao islands to name a few.


  • Archipelago Cinema Krabi

    Archipelago Cinema Krabi is a unique and amazing experience of watching movies in the middle of a lagoon. As darkness prevails over the sea, the guests are taken to the spot on boats. As you watch a movie while seated in a glowing raft amidst the quite waters of Nai Pi Lae Lagoon, Kudu Island, you are sure to get enthralled with the dramatic landscape of gigantic rocks that surround you.


  • Lotus Lake , Tambon Chiang Haeo

    An overwhelming sight in Thailand, the Lotus Lake in Tambon Haeo is spectacular wetlands covered with an assemblage of millions of pink lotus flowers. These wetlands also shelters over 80 species of birds including many endangered species like black kite and grеу and purple hеrоn. December to February is the best time to watch these beautiful blooming flowers.



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