Director - Product & Experiences

Richa Khetarpal

A people’s person and a full-time travel advisor with an experience of more than 10+ years. She has a keen eye to evaluate what a client needs in his/her vacation. One of the most fun loving and a tasteful person in the organization. Music and good food are her things for a day happy. Her personal travel must do’s will be a self-drive vacation. She loves to explore not only the city/place she is visiting but also is a keen explorer of the journey that she undertakes for her travel. A resourceful woman with passion for travel and attention to details is what makes her a go to person.


Director - Spiritual & Inbound Travel

Siddhartha Veer Singh

Our soul energizer. He brings calmness and mindfulness to work. His knowledge as a spiritual traveler and how to take a soulful journey is immense. His energy comes by living near the woods and river ganga. Siddhartha has travelled extensively across India and has got the opportunity to meet several monks of Hindu, Sufi and Buddhist faith. In the journeys, Siddhartha shares his travel insight with the participants. He believes that ‘traveling itself is a great Guru’ – during the journeys, he encourages participants to rediscover themselves in Mother Nature and spirituality. Apart from organizing Yoga workshops, he plays harmonium and sings kirtan. As a part of Bhakti Yoga, he sings interfaith chants in a meditative form.

Consultant & Business Strategist

Chandan Kumar

Explorer by soul. Chandan is a man of words. He is a qualified Electrical Engineer and has travelled extensively around India for various Projects. During his visits, he used to spend lot of time with local people, studied history & culture of the places visited and gathered knowledge of local cuisines. He is a passionate photographer, avid reader and love to discover untouched places. Chandan wants to use his education and experience for promoting sustainable tourism in the areas which has got great potential for tourism but has limited amenities. A smart negotiator and a giver at heart. He makes the team visionary for achieving it all. 


Wildlife Expert 

Akshat Shrivastava

A Nature-lover, avid trekker, and ace-photographer. Akshat knows birds like the back of his hand. With frequent wanderings into the wild, he was sure from a very early age how he wanted to make his life worthwhile. Rather than choosing the tried-and-tested path. This youngster chooses to make nature his only work commitment and set out on a crusade to protect the nature. His initiative ‘We Sparrow’ is an attempt to create Environment awareness and conservation.


Head - Customer Relations  & Operations 

Hrishikesh Saikia

Happy at heart. This young lad from Assam is a person who is open to all kinds of adventures and has great deal of experiences in handling operations for the organization over a couple of years. He is an amazing orator and can come up with great plans that will never disappoint a client. His taste in food and music is as exciting as his travel plans and ideas.