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Must go festivals around the world

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Local festivals are the gateway to experience travel the way it should be . Here is the list of must see festivals around the world and experience love for cultures , food and music.

Rio Carnival

Where - Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil

When - Feb / March Each Year (Started in 1723)

Carnival of Venice

Where - Venice ,Italy

When - Feb / March Each Year (Started in 1162)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Where - Edinburgh ,Scotland

When - 2-26 August Each Year (Started in 1947)


Where - Munich , Germany

When - Mid / End September - First weekend of October Each Year (Started in 1810)

La Tomatina Festival

Where - Bunol , Valencia, Spain

When - Last Wednesday of August Each Year (Started in 1945)

Lantern Festival

Where - Pingix District ,Taiwan

When - Fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar Usually in Feb - March Each Year ( Officially Started in 1990)

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Where - Montreal ,Quebec ,Canada

When - June / July Each Year ( Started in 1980)


Where - Boom ,Antwerp ,Belgium

When - Each Year ( Started in 2005)

San Fermín Festival

Where - Pamplona ,Spain

When - Noon 6th July -Midnight 14 July Each Year ( Started in 1592)

Dia De Los Muertos

Where - Mexico

When - October 31st and November 2nd Each Year ( Started in 1592)

St Patrick's Day

Where - Ireland

When - On or Around March 17 Each Year ( Started in 1737)


Where - Empire Polo Club ,Indio California

When - 2 Weeks in April Each Year ( Started in 1999)

Snow and Ice Festival

Where - Harbin ,Heilongjiang ,China

When - 5 January Each Year ( Started in 1963)


Where - Vrindavan ,India

When - March Each Year ( First Mentioned in 4th Century)


Where - Barn Castle ,Romania

When - 31st October Each Year ( First Mentioned in 4th Century)

Would love to know some of your favorite festivals from around the world? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us and book your holiday with us to experience one of these lifetime

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