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Best Ecotour Experiences to take around the world

Let’s explore the experience which can be taken close and personal with inspiring quality of the natural environment without leaving a negative footprint on the ecosystem or the cultural heritage of the place your visiting.

Sabah Rainforest Experience, Malaysia

Best Time to Visit: Anytime between January – October

Part of Borneo, it is home to one of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, Sukau Rainforest Lodge. This place offers sustainable Luxury stays with amazing wildlife and natural beauty. The lodge make use of everything from rainwater to used cooking oil and even the electric engine for the motorboats, all without sacrificing any comfort for guests. The lodge supports various local communities by provide employment to local people and also by supporting various eco projects around the island.

Galapagos Wildlife Adventure, Ecuador

Best Time to Visit: Anytime from June to September

Dream destination of an avid traveler. Galapagos island is both geologically unique and geographically remote. Observed by Charles Darwin himself - species like blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, seals, sea lions, penguins, bats and many more. One of the best places for Eco Tourism Galapagos archipelago is recognized as UNESCO World heritage site. The tours operated on the islands are adhere to the governments strict environmental policy.

Natural Setting of Nuuksio National Park, Finland

Best Time to visit: Anytime during November to March.

A GTF Eco-Label Certified, this national park offers beautiful stays, hiking, sledging, lunching by a campfire, visiting a reindeer farm, cultural tours and lots of storytelling by local guides. The winters is magical here, but only if you can bear the finnish cold. Nevertheless, summers are also worth a visit.

The grand canyon rafting , USA

Best Time to visit: Anytime during Early April to mid-September

Rafting grand canyon is one of a kind experience for adventure seekers who prefer not to view canyon from above. Western river , a rafting operator in the region is a supporter of grand canyon conservation fund and is also involved in researching non-fossil fuel propulsion systems.

Moutohorā island sanctuary , New Zealand

Best Time to Visit : November to March

Also known as whale island. This Oasis is New Zealand is a pest free island. They allow only eco-qualified tour operators, and also has limit to entry due to its protection status by the Department of Conservation. Moutohorā is ideal for nature lovers with Home to New Zealand’s rare and endangered plants, birds and reptiles. The tours to this island includes bush walks, fur seal colony visits, native bird viewing , swin at hot water beach , one can even dig their own private hot spring pool at Sulphur bay.

Meet the Gorillas, Rwanda

Best Time to Visit: Anytime during June to September

Top Amongst many eco tour experiences in Rwanda , meeting the Gorillas is definitely the unforgettable one. There are only 10 habituated gorilla families open to tourist visits, so trekking permits are limited to 80 per day. The area has benefited tremendously because of eco-tourism which includes political stabilization, infrastructure improvements, and economic growth.

Archipelago’s of Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Best Time to Visit : All year round (Except June , when it’s a bit rainy)

Located in West Papua province of Indonesia, this eco tour experience is unmissable. It not only boast to be one of the top eco-tourism places around the world but The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International also claim that 75% of the world’s marine species live here in the islands. The area is popular among divers and surely for travelers who want to see nature off the track .

Auroville , Pondicherry , India

Best Time to Visit : Anytime during October to March

An Experimental township Village , known for its variety of projects ranging from schools and IT to organic farming, renewable energy, and handicraft production employing nearly 4000-5000 villagers from nearby villages. The idea behind the development of this village was “a universal town where men and women from all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all politics and all nationalities”.

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